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Nawroz University
Tenahi , Duhok
Duhok Governorate,Kurdistan Region, Iraq
P.O Box 77


+964 (0)750 567 4949

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The university represents the heart center of brilliance and effectiveness in the society. Yet, it should not truckle to the customs and traditions of the social environment, but hold the initiative of change and impression. Therefore, it is obligatory for the university to direct the overall processes of education and scientific activities to serve the society and releasing the capabilities of reformation and buildup that are based on the morality system in which its axis is loyalty and perfection in science and practice through laying out the foundations of awareness, discipline, identity and expanding the  students' recognition  who is well-proficient in his fine field of specialization and able to enter the labor market equipped to deal with the sciences surroundings. 
University Goals

Springing from the university message and vision which shape its strategy, Nawroz University aims to:

Firstly: Preparing specialized and scientific cadres capable of working in the government institutions in general and the region's institutions in private .These cadres are qualified to enter the labor market to meet its requirements and needs through their commitment to the international quality standards.

Secondly: Contribution in developing a stimulating environment for the scientific research and invention through annual researches plans to support and encourage conducting studies and scientific field researches as well especially those regarding the community.

University Vision

College of Economics and Administration
College of Computer & I-Tech
College of Languages
College of Engineering
College of Law and Politics

University Emergence

Nawroz University was initially named "Duhok University College" when it was founded in 2004 by the Syndicate of Economists in Duhok Governorate, with the approval of the Prime Minister of the Iraqi  Kurdistan Region on  July 20, 2004. On that date the university started accepting students, and teaching began on December 1, 2004, based on resolution 3/2 of theConsultation Committee of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region, dated December 1, 2004.

After its opening in 2004, Duhok University College kept expanding unil in 2009 it was renamed Nawroz University, in accordance with decision 2854 of the Council of Ministers of theIraqi Kurdistan Region,dated September 15, 2009. This decision was announced to the institutions of the Region in accordance with decision 517 of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, dated October 5, 2009.

The university includes now four faculties which are Law and Politics Faculty, Economicsand Administration faculty, Computer Science and I.T. faculty, and Languages faculty.