Nawroz University held its Ninth Graduation  

Nawroz University held its Ninth Graduation Ceremony on Thursday,  
October 29, 2015 5.00 p.m. for the year 2014- 2015 in the conference hall  
at the University of Dohuk to celebrate the graduation of 620 students  
who had completed the requirements for bachelor's degree in four  
colleges of the university, morning and evening studies.    
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Book Exhibition

College of Languages held its first book exhibition on the 30th March, 2015.  
Dr. Hussein A. Gargari opened the exhibition and toured through it with his  
colleagues, the teaching staff of the college. The exhibition was also visited  
by the students of the college of languages and computers. Many books  
belonging to the disciplines of language, linguistics and computers were  
displayed for three successive days.
Students in the department of Architecture Engineering  
presented a final project entitled "Family House"

On Monday 9 Feb. 2015, the 2nd stage students in the department of  
Architecture Engineering presented a final project entitled "Family House".  
The project designed in such a recent way that consists of five persons with  
an office as a working zone suits with owner house job (Doctor, Architect,  
Musician, Sculptor, Author, and Layer).
ناڤێن قوتابیێن هاتینه وەرگرتن ل زانکویا نەوروز بو ساڵا خواندنێ ( ٢٠١٥ - ٢٠١٦ )    ( گەرا سیێ )
Visiting The American University in Duhok  

For improving the relation between Nawroz University and the American  
University in Duhok, a visit has been paid by a committee consisting of the  
President of our University, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs and  
the manager of Cultural Relation to the American University in Duhok on  
Wednesday, December 9, 2015.
The visit included a tour inside the campus with the President of the American  
University and discussions about some issues for improving the quality of both  
universities. At the end of this visit, both sides were looking forward to keep  
these relations with other university for a better future.

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